The Proof Is In The Padding
In These Times - February 14, 2003
(A version of this article also appeared in La Stampa  (Italy) )

  • So Colin Powell’s presentation of “evidence” of Iraqi weapons violations is “persuasive” and “impressive” to many politicians and pundits? Did anyone give it even a five-minute taste test? Russ did.


  Blue Ribbon:

From Slate, July 15, 2004:

A frontpage Los Angeles Times  piece [today] says State Department analysts objected to many of the allegations contained in drafts of Secretary Powell's U.N. speech on Iraq but some of the assertions made it in anyway. As the Times puts it, analysts warned that Powell, who was handed the draft speech by Vice President Cheney's office, "was being put in the position of drawing the most sinister conclusions from satellite images, communications intercepts and human intelligence reports that had alternative, less-incriminating explanations."